Edita Publishing in brief

”We seek to fulfill our customers’ needs for information and to assist our customers with their tasks of sharing information.”

Edita Publishing Ltd. is a publishing company operating with many sectors and subject areas. Edita is distinguished for its high-quality textbooks and study materials intended for comprehensive school, upper secondary school, vocational training and on-the-job learning. The publishing programme of Edita also includes Edilex, the most comprehensive digital legal information service in Finland. In addition, Edita produces a broad selection of literature and training services for professionals in need of legislative information. Edita cooperates in communicating official information: the company publishes the Official Gazette and the statute collection of Finland in printed form, and it also is responsible for the maintenance of Finlex data bank.

Edita is acknowledged for its various publishing and communication services. The company’s product range includes, for example, anniversary publications, annual reports, historical literature and serials as well as magazines for diverse reference groups. For general public, Edita publishes non-fiction of high quality relating to history, society and well-being.

Edita Publishing Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nordic Morning, a leading communications group in the Nordic region. Nordic Morning employs about 800 communications experts working in 14 companies that operate in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and India. We create innovative solutions in a rapidly changing business environment – from strategic content to efficient implementation. Learn more about Nordic Morning: www.nordicmorning.com.

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