Eye for Business Digital book (6 months)

Eye for Business is a new digital learning material for Business English studies in higher education. The material is entirely in English.

The topics covered inlude written and oral communication in different situations of business life, communication styles, studies and job search, meetings and negotiations, product presentations, the buying process, internationalisation and cross-cultural communication, fairs, and corporate social responsibility. 

Eye for Business is authored by Cory Isaacs, Piia Pesso, Ritva Rasimus and Ilona who are experienced teachers and writers. They have previously authored Engineer Your English, a learning material for English in engineering studies.

The book will be published in June.

Contents of the material

Eye for Business is published as a digital book. The exercises are interactive, and the students gets instant feedback on their performance. You can make searches, highlight important parts and create notes that will be visible for you even with another device. Edita's digital books can be used with any device connected to the Internet. The texts can be downloaded for offline use as well. 

We recommend that you use the updated versions of the most common browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).

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Isaacs, Cory

Pesso, Piia

Rasimus, Ritva

Rönkä, Ilona

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Julkaisuvuosi 2019
ISBN 978-951-37-7474-5
Tuotenumero 37-7474-5
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Kirjastoluokka 89.5
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